Used Golf Ball Grading System

Here is our
Used Golf Ball Grading System

Used golf balls arrive at our Maryville, Tennessee all week long and in EVERY sort of condition you can imagine. We have MILLIONS of them. Some have barely been out of their new box…hit once or hit on just couple of holes. Some have spent a month or so in a pond. All are first thoroughly scrubbed and then sorted. Sorting is a manual process…one ball at a time, by experienced members of our team.

Our Used Golf Ball Grading System then divides the used golf balls into TWO varieties:


For practice at the driving range
These include full flight, limited flight, floaters, yellow, stripes, etc.


For play
These include ProV1, Tour iX, Solaire, NXT, etc.


Here is our grading system for


Mint Same as a new golf ball The mint grade golf balls are the highest quality golf ball in the marketplace. There are like new and will feel and play as a new golf ball would. Its shading is excellent. This mix may HAVE corporate LOGOS* and player pen markings, but NO cuts or NO scuffs.
*Percentage varies anywhere from 0% to 100% logo balls depending on stocks.
Here is our grading system for


A This grade goes one of two directions. If he balls are white, the “A” grade means the ball is in MINT condition. If they are RANGE balls, they will be an A/B mix. These range balls still have a lot of life left. Good shine. Most of the stripes are still there.
B Good “Filler” range balls. Stripes and shine are starting to wear down. Multiple flaws and noticeable wears. Still very playable, expect tanning on some golf balls of this grade. Logo will be on some golf balls.
C Good For Winter Ranges. Less stripes and Dimples than the B Grade. Some will have logos, tanning, scuffs and players pen marks, but no cuts. This mix may include refinished balls.
D This is the bottom of the barrel. If you lose these, it is not going to be a great loss. Some or many balls may be dirty.  Who cares? You will probably wack these into a swamp or forest and nobody will ever see them again.