Wilson Range Floaters BRAND NEW Golf Balls | One Lot of 577

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Wilson Range Floaters BRAND NEW Golf Balls | One Lot of 577

These are: Wilson Staff, Brand New, Range balls, One and Done lot of 577, priced at $0.45 per ball, which includes shipping!!

..and they FLOAT!

That's right...plunk these into a pond, pool, bird bath, puddle, or the OCEAN and they will float!  Makes for an easy retrieval particularly if you are hitting them in the Mariana Trench area of the Pacific Ocean.


Wilson Range Floaters


That's a lot to think about...but don't take too long to decide as there is only ONE lot being offered and you are surrounded by virtual buyers.

Remember: These Have Never Been Hit


These are a special buy from Golfball Monster....a fraction of their retail price...and IN STOCK NOW!

It's true...every now and then we come across a load of NEW golf balls.  This usually happens when a golf course changes management and a bunch of balls they bought get edged out by a different order.

Then our phone lights up and we go pick them up and offer them to you at about HALF PRICE!


These are NEW

These are Wilsons

They Float!!!